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Mariko Yokokura, PharmD

University of California, San Francisco

2016 Research Intern

Graduation Year: 2016

What experiences and skills have you developed as a Research Intern?

Through this experience, I now understand the complexity of the challenges facing our healthcare system. In addition, by handling large databases, I've developed attention to detail, organizational skills, and I've learned to be patient, creative, and self-directed.

What are your career goals?

As the scope of practice in pharmacy is evolving so quickly, I would like to stay flexible and open to new opportunities that may present themselves throughout the course of my career. It would be satisfying if I could practice pharmacy at the top of my license.

What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. In my alone time, I love exercising, hiking, and hot yoga. Upon my graduation, I plan to re-pursue my "second career" passion as a pianist. I also enjoy spontaneous getaways to the beach.

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