Headquartered in Kern County, California, the Komoto Family Foundation is proud to be part of a richly diverse community that includes farmworkers and their families, seniors, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and more. It is also crucial to recognize that many longstanding policies (e.g. housing segregation, immigration policies, racially biased healthcare) have created disparities in health outcomes for communities of color, people with disabilities, and many other marginalized groups. These are social injustices are preventable. While macro-level policy changes can seem daunting, we can each start within our own families, workplaces, and neighborhoods.  


One of the pillars of our work is to promote health equity by partnering with our community members to develop sustainable programs to support the health and wellness of the community. In addition, we work with health organizations on engaging their communities to identify opportunities to provide more effective and equitable care.